Brief Hiatus for Spring 2017

I have just started two research projects. One of them overlaps with my research interest in sojourning ELTs. It’s about social media for professional development, which includes culture learning. I’m in the data collection phase of this study right now.

The second research project does not overlap with research on sojourning ELTs. It’s about extensive reading, and I’ve blogged about that at and at

I’m also reading more literature on cultural sociology and sociocultural anthropology to diversify my knowledge of theoretical frameworks. Once I start finding strong connections of these theories to sojourning ELTs, I may start blogging. However, I have found that blog posts on theories are less read than blog posts that present data or practical applications of the research.

If you’re curious to learn who I’m reading. It’s two dead white men:


I don’t anticipate writing another blog post until later this summer. However, I may post sooner depending on the review of one of my manuscripts that I have submitted for publication.


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